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Thursday, 28 August 2014

An Inspiring Kitchen Story - and a new recipe

There's a treat for you this month - a special recipe created by the delightful food blogger Tania Cusack, of My Kitchen Stories. Tania is a former chef who now develops recipes and, after we met one day at Salt Meats Cheese, she went off to her kitchen to devise a new use for one of our smoked salts.

Smoked flavours and seafood are a classic combination (think cold or hot-smoked salmon, smoked mussels, trout, you name it). Tania has added this smokey flavour to crispy salt & pepper prawns, without the hassle of setting up a smoker.

Smoked Salt & Pepper Prawns

a bowlful of crispy salt and pepper prawns
Click the image for the recipe at The Salt Box

Check out Tania's post which includes some background as well as her full recipe, which is printable. She regularly posts the most delicious-looking recipes, worth checking out.

Which smoked salt to use?

Tania chose the fruity Yakima Applewood Smoked Salt for her recipe, but you could also try the finer crystals of Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt or our newest smoked salt, Durango Hickory Smoked Salt.

Have fun making this recipe - or experiment with your own! We'd love to hear about it. Tell us about your results via our Product Reviews online or comment below.