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Monday, 7 July 2014

Uncle Joe is Wild for Porcini Salt

For those of you that have been to Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria (Sydney), or visited them at one of the Sydney food markets they attend, you may have been lucky enough to taste Uncle Joe's marinated olives or pizza. I always look for him when he is in store to see and taste what he is making.

I noticed Uncle Joe always uses our Wild Porcini salt when he makes his pizza, so I wanted to ask him more about his favourite uses...

Uncle Joe: I put it on top of the pizza sauce when making pizza, Neopolitana and salsa sauces for ravioli or pasta. It just adds a great flavour and it's so simple.

TSB:  Do you use it when you cook at home?

Uncle Joe:  Yes, I use the Wild Porcini flavour all of the time:
  • On top of tuna with Spanish onion to put on bread
  • When I make buffalo mozzarella and basil I sprinkle it over the top
  • When I make my own sausages I put it inside
  • I like fishing, and I marinate the fresh fish by putting the salt inside the fish, and
  • I use it to finish a piece of cooked salmon

Uncle Joe clearly has a keen sense of flavour and we are delighted he loves our salts

More about Uncle Joe

I also wanted to know more about Uncle Joe, a key face of Salt Meats Cheese.
  • He has been in Australia 46 years and still has an engaging Italian accent.  
  • He spent many years running his own business producing fine Italian food for wholesaling in Sydney which he sold about 4 years ago.
  • Since then he has been working at Salt Meats Cheese developing new flavours.
  • He's available to us all either in store or at the markets.

Thanks to Salt Meats Cheese who make a wide range of salts available for everyone to enjoy. And thanks Uncle Joe!

More about Wild Porcini Salt

Mushrooms are a great source of the 5th taste - "Umami" - which is savoury and often earthy or 'meaty'. So our Wild Porcini Salt, which is just a mix of sea salt and wild porcini mushrooms, is full of umami. Perhaps that's why Uncle Joe adds it to everything!

We hope Uncle Joe has inspired you to get creative with Wild Porcini Salt. You might like to try this recipe below from The Salt Box website. Enjoy!

Steak with Wild Porcini Butter - recipe link

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